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What happens if i load wrong flight plan?


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Apr 4, 2019
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If I accidentally load the wrong flight plan in FF6 (e.g. one for a location 50 miles away from where I am) and try to execute it, what will happen? Will the app not accept it or will the drone start flying to the first waypoint, which might be miles away, until it runs out of juice?
My assumption is, it will try flying until it runs out of battery or lands because of low battery. Then the homing signal will kick on to tell you where it has landed.

You would notice that though and you could intrerupt the flight then hit rth
I had a similar experience where I created a flight plan for flying around a building, but due to the poor quality of the Google Map picked the wrong building, a ruin about 1km away and about 200m higher.
When taking off I was really shocked when Anafi took off in the opposite direction heading to a mountain. Could stop her in time, but just...
What I have learned from this incident is to check very carefully my position (blue mark) in relation to the first way piont. Also having a minimum altitude of 10m for the first way point.

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