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Flight Plan for Photo History


Mar 11, 2019
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Hi, just started using FP and its really impressive. Only challenge I’m having is finding a way to set it so that I can take a photo of a POI at the exact same point each time, i.e. to create a timeline collage.

I’ve managed to set a single end point and a POI, but the camera doesn’t auto angle to the set POI height.

Anyone had any luck with this ? ...seems that FM is designed more for video capture.

This is something that I am interested in as well. I thought it should do that though? As you say would be really useful for time lapse for building projects or time lapse throughout the year.
I've not had a proper play with the flightplan, but I figured that if you ran the same flightplan over and over then you should get the same angle shots?
I was planning on creating a flightplan with multiple way points and getting the camera to do different things and then interrogate the .json file it creates and see what different variables I can change in the .json file.
Played again tonight ...looks like there’s a bug in FP. When setting stops/pivot points, if you only use a single point associated to a POI, the storyboard doesn’t reflect this ( i.e. no POI icon showing) and the Anafi ignores any instruction to level the camera at the POI height. Set multiple points and all appears to be OK.
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Thanks ...looks like an opportunity for a feature enhancement. In the end, I set a series of “stops” and achieved a nice set of photos from differing perspectives
Or you can just use the green Camera Angle Icon to set the angle of the camera. 0 degrees is straight, 90 degrees is down and -90 degrees is up. You can put in any value you want. Positive numbers point the camera down and negative numbers point the camera up. It will take a couple of flights to set the right angle.
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