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SD Card Recommendation.... Real world


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Jul 27, 2018
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Northeast UK
Need to purchase a new SD Card for the Anafi, looking at the documentation from Parrot, the 2 I am looking at are:

Sandisk Extreme Plus 128Gb
Sandisk Extreme Pro 128Gb

Price wise there is very little in it, looking at Amazon.co.uk. Extreme Plus is £49.20 whereas the Extreme Pro is £41.01

Just after real world opinions on which to go for. I know what the specs of each are, but sometimes it pays to get the opinion of those using the cards.

Many thanks
Thanks DashSolo ..... was there any real world difference in the Ultra ..... Just checked pricing and they are half the price of the Extreme+, so could actually get 2 and swap about after each flight as you do.
I bought a Sandisk 128Gb Ultra on AliExpress for $23.67 and it works just fine. Delivery took a little over 2 weeks.
If you do 4K video and especially 4K HDR you will want the fastest write speed card you can afford. Second it is not advisable to have just one large size card. A 32 GIG or 64 GIG card will give you plenty of storage and you can then have two or three as spares.
DashSolo raised the "Swapout" point in post 2, which has made me rethink the situation and am going to purchase multiple quality cards rather than the 1 large one. I dont do much video recording, but still handy to have a half decent size if and when I should need to record in 4k

Thanks all

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