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Time To Update Your Anafi


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Jun 30, 2018
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Ontario Canada
Fixes and Improvements

  • Auto-recording of Cineshots and SmartDronies (video mode only)
  • Improved HDR in 4K UHD
  • HDR available in 2,7K and 1080p standard video modes
  • HDR available in JPEG Single and Burst photo modes
  • AE Lock available in PRO mode
  • Bracketing: RAW support
  • Burst : 14 pictures in half a second
  • Improved Smart RTH
  • Touch & Fly mode divided into two sub-modes: Waypoint & POI (point of interest)
New features

  • Pairing of Skycontroller 3 and ANAFI using the provided USB-A to USB-C cable (a µSD card must be inserted into ANAFI)
  • Two new Follow Me modes: Track and Dynamic
  • Smart framing: choose the position of your subject within the frame in Cameraman, SmartDronies and Follow Me modes.
  • Neural Network: double tap to select a person or a car in Cameraman, SmartDronies and Follow Me modes
  • New Dronies: Orbit et Parabola (Smartdronies) Vertigo (Mode POI)
  • New Cineshot : Spiral
  • Spot AE
  • Slow Motion 120 fps (4x slower) in 720p
  • ANAFI yaw speed correlated to zoom factor
  • Gimbal tilt widget on screen
  • Gimbal calibration through the app
  • “Hand launch” tutorial at first access to the HUD
  • High wind alerts on screen
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This is great, thanks for the notification will download it today. Dolly zoom on POI sounds cool.
One of the small things in the update that I wanted for a while now is they added a small gauge to show where the gimbal is pointing. No numerical read out but its not hard to tell how many degrees it is at.
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Yes that guage was badly needed, i see it now very handy. Also, now under camera calibration we have two options. Horizontal adjustment and separate gimbal calibration. Nice.
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I wonder if the chipset is capable of driving 2.7k @ 60fps... That'd make a hell of a GoPro replacement for me.
I wonder if they will update the user manual sometime for the new features. Or do we have to use trial and (costly) error to see how they work?
My one indicates no updates.

Perhaps issues found and they have removed it?

Edit: Silly me, need to go to play store first to update app...
I was so excited about the new updates I posted a new thread about it! Should have checked the most recent threads first! Sorry!!!!
Here is some information from the french article about the pano function that Augustine pointed out: translated by google translate:

The panoramas!
The Panorama photos will appear - we were waiting for them! On the other hand, it will be necessary to be patient, the update which will add them will be ready for the end of November 2018. Here is the description of Parrot:
• Vertical panorama: the ANAFI Extended nacelle performs a 180 ° movement, a unique function on the market, while the 4K HDR camera with 21MP sensor performs dozens of shots. They are instantly processed and assembled to form one and the same impeccable image.
• Horizontal Panorama: ANAFI Extended rotates on its axis and creates a panoramic image without any other manipulation.
• Panorama Sphere 360: in a few minutes ANAFI Extended rotates 360 ° on its axis while its camera sweeps the scene vertically 180 °.
• Little Planet: Your environment is transformed into a spherical image like a surprisingly levitating planet. You create your own world, simply.
• Tunnel: A spherical image is created. Unlike Little Planet, the sky is here in the center of the image. It's the world upside down.
The Anafi test of Parrot is to read here. News about the Anafi Extended pack is here. The Panorama functions will be offered by software update to all Anafi, not only those in Extended Pack.
There is now Reset button in Skycontroller 3 screen,thats very good........after update dont forget to reset(soft and hard)Anafi and also reset skycontroller 3 after update
I recently updated my Anafi and made a testflight.

My first impressions: absolutely great update!

* Bevore, I had GPS-problems (didn´t get gps signal or lost it) - no more problems so far!
* Tested several flight-modi - everyone worked great (dolly zoom seemed to work better in my case also parabol and so on)
* I tested the updated HDR-mode - I think, now it´s usefull! Normal colours and less noise.

It seems, that our Anafi is growing up! :)

Now just waiting for the panorama-modes then I´m perfectly happy!
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It seems they have lock the option to go higher then 150 meters in flight plan. You cannot go into edit and change it past the default 150 meters. Not a problem for me but some might get upset about that.
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It seems they have lock the option to go higher then 150 meters in flight plan. You cannot go into edit and change it past the default 150 meters. Not a problem for me but some might get upset about that.
That's a shame. There are times that we need to go legally higher than 150 meters.
Hi group,
I've just made my update now... for my first Anafi.
But when I tried to update my second one.... the FF6 app dont change of drone and show me the datas of the 1rst.
I forgot how to appair my App with the drone.
Thanks for your help.

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