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Video from recent Mexico trip


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Jul 17, 2018
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Hi all,

Recent video filmed on the Anafi in Mexico. For those of you who read the thread I posted with a title "Always Check Your Props Before Take Off!" about half of this video was taken before my prop disintegrated on take off and about half after I replaced it. As you will note, I flew a lot over water; if the prop would have disintegrated during one of these flights, well.......


Any suggestions what to look for when inspecting the props? Is there a suggested timeframe when we should replace them if no visible defects are on the props (say like after 50 hours of flights)?

Anyway, nice video. I am heading to Mexico myself in a few weeks. Any issues bringing your drone with customs? Flight requirements?
My suggestion - look for hairline cracks or chips on the prop and the hub. My prop and hub were completely gone when I crash landed 12 seconds after taking off. My guess is there was a failure on the hub, but I am not sure. The screw that holds the prop down was still in place.

No problem with the Anafi going through customs and immigration. I carried the Anafi, the controller and an extra battery (in a lipo safe pouch) in a backpack and took it on the plane. Was never hand inspected either at the US or Mexico custom/security stops. The Anafi performed well and it is ideal to fly around people since no one can seem to hear it. I was careful not to fly directly over our hotel, but never had an issue with flying along the beach or over water. Several people did comment on how quiet the drone was.
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Looks like it was a fabulous trip! I particularly loved the section around 3:30 flying out over the rocks down low like that & the incorporation of yourselves within it too. It looked very stable considering how windy it was in places, with various bits flapping around frantically on the ground. Well done! :)
Thanks, and yes, we did have some wind during some of the flights. The anafi tracked very well and handled the wind without problem. Some of the video was taken at 300 to 400 feet up, so I know the wind was a bit of a factor at that altitude.
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Curious as to how long your props were used before they disintegrated (hours)? Any major crashes beforehand that would of contributed to it?
I had 122 flights on the Anafi. No crashes. The Anafi is about 6 months old. The prop that disintegrated was an original prop.
Good info to know! I'll be replacing the props when I get close to that range. Now I need to see if replacement hubs are available as well.
The hub is attached to the prop, so they are all one piece. Did you mean replacement screws ?
I can see my house from there!.....I wish!

Beautiful cinematic shots. Great job and thanks for posting it.

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